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The Prats' first gig took place at the Trade Council Hall in Edinburgh in 1978 as part of a Rock Against Racism event. The band shared the bill with The Cubs and headliners The Scars.

The following review was published in a national music paper at the time:

"R.A.R. (Rock Against Racism) leaflets and stickers lie around the hall, discarded, and I fear that they are actually doing little to prevent or cure racism in Edinburgh (if it exists to any extent). What tehy are dong, and power to their elbow for it, is giving a platform to new local bands in a decent-sized venue.

Trades Council Hall saw the debut of The Prats, and away the best received band of the night - even though the enormous cry for two encores was fired more by incredulity than appreciation of musical excellence. Greg Maguire who sings and plays guitar (mostly hammering at open strings) is only 12 - with considerable aplomb he takes the onus of front man and songwriter of the band.

'Jilted John' is the only cover they do, while songs of their own like 'Nazi Airplane' are aimed at the audience with the kind of structured anarchy that makes me think of Public Image except that this energy is fresh and frenetic, not a latter day attempt to redirect the New Wave."